John Storm is a freelance ocean conservationist and near obsessive collector of DNA, in his quest to archive all life on planet earth. He has always led an active life, then became enhanced during one mission, when accidentally injected with a CRISPR virus, that changed his metabolism. Making his considerably stronger than ordinary humans.



Commander John Storm just wants to be left alone to complete his DNA collection, and explore the uncharted regions on planet earth. But he always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.






Dan Hawk is an avid gamer and a gaming champion on many platforms, including: Sony's Playstations, Nintendo and Microsoft's Xbox. Daniel is also a computer genius, analyst and sometimes hacker. All in the interests of detecting and preventing crime, as in this adventure, when the Triad extremists are trying to destroy the planet.


Dan is struck by the similarity of Red Dragon's "Operation Grand Slam" and some computer games. He relishes the challenge, where he can inputting his own gaming skills.


Dan, as he prefers to be called, is passionate about working with John Storm and Hal. And thinks the Elizabeth Swann is a slice of tech heaven.


The boy genius was a mission with his captain in Brazil, when they captured cloning technology developed by German, Italian and Swiss scientists, along the Amazon river. This was when John was accidentally injected with a CRISPR virus, that changed his metabolism. Making him considerably stronger than ordinary humans. A virtual super-human, but with side effects, since the serum he was injected with was more generic than coded to his DNA.


Later in the series of adventures, Dan Hawk, refines the serum, coding it to John's DNA, and making other adjustments to the virus; as tweaks to eliminate the side effects. While also increasing his brain capacity to cope with the CyberCore Genetica super nano computer and BioCore implant. His skeleton was also improved, becoming much stronger and lighter. He is recognized by the scientific community as Homo Sapiens Superior, or Kanis Rex, making him a target for military agencies such as DARPA and DSTL, and of course Chinese and Russian equivalents. 


The CIA and other agencies around the world are very keen to understand the CyberCore Genetica™ super nano computer that John liberated from the Neuwelt Rittertum knighthood, near Manaus along the River Amazon. And if the opportunity were to arise, would almost assuredly seek to capture the technology. Unaware of the safeguard that John and Dan have newly built into the system. Such as biometric recognition eye, fingerprint and at brain level; synapse mapping. A system that is almost impossible to fool, unless by a clone of John Storm with the same synaptic firing sequence. Should the system be compromised, it will at first lock and then self-destruct, if not deactivated by John or his crew, again, using a tool that is only known to Hal. And even Hal is consciously unaware of the deactivation method.


Commander Storm's thinking is also turbo-charged with a super nano-computer called CyberCore Genetica™ linked to his brain via a BioCore™ implant on his cerebral cortex. This combination allows John to communicate telepathically with Hal, the AI computer onboard their trusty ship: Elizabeth Swann™. It also gives him instant access to information on the web. Making him the most informed person on the planet. Though, John would rather use his newfound intellect for peaceful research and conservation matters.


Dan is acutely aware that if they are unable to thwart the plans of Red Dragon's Operation Grand Slam, the world will almost assuredly be wiped out. This is not a computer game, although it is being played out using computers. The devastation would include much flora and fauna, as a unique habitable planet in all the universe. It would be a biological and evolutionary catastrophe. Thus an extremely high stakes computer challenge.














Admiral Lawrence Francis Percival 

First Sealord, British Royal Navy

Antonio Guterres

United Nations' Secretary General

Ark, The

The world's most comprehensive interactive DNA database

Benjamin Reid Blakestone RN

Submariner Commander HMS Neptune (Captain)


A digital communication interface for the human brain

Captain Nemo AI™

AI autonomous navigation system, COLREGs compliant autopilot

Charley Temple

Researcher & camerwoman, good friend of John Storm

CyberCore Genetica™

The world's smallest, fastest & most powerful supercomputer

Daniel (Dan) Hawk

Electronics & computers, champion gamer, member Elizabeth Swann crew

Dr Roberta Treadstone

Blue Shield, Newcastle University, England

Elizabeth Swann HMHS British Royal Navy

World's fastest solar/hydrogen ship & floating laboratory

Excalibur, Pendragon & Merlin

Anti piracy weapon & ship security system

George Franks

Legal and intelligence trust manager, Swindles & Gentry


The onboard AI supercomputer ship manager

Jack Mason

CIA secret agent who covets the CyberCore Genetica & John's strength

Jens Stoltenberg

Secretary General of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

Jill Bird

Senior BBC news correspondent & world service anchor

John Storm

Ocean adventurer, marine archaeologist, Commander RN

King Charles III

British Monarch in waiting: King William, Prince of Wales

King William V

British royal rushed into hiding with Queen Catherine


Elizabeth Swann's onboard survey ROV

Professor Douglas Storm

John Storm's uncle, designer of Elizabeth Swann

Professor Jacques Pierre Daccord

UNESCO sunken realms division, conservationist

Queen Catherine

Royal consort to King William V - Charlotte, George & Louis

Richard Leon (Lionheart) Engelheart

Lieutenant, a brave submariner HMS Neptune

SSN Neptune

Stricken Astute nuclear sub with Spearfish torpedoes

Steve Green

Freelance reporter, friend of Charley Temple

Suki Hall

A marine biologist, admirer of John's work

Tom Hudson

Sky News Editor, always looking for an exclusive

Trish Lippard

Cleopatra's call sign to protect her royal identity

William Liam Wallace

Scottish director BAE Systems, MOD contractor, whistleblower




Ali Khamenei

Iranian Grand Ayatollah

Asif Ali Zardari

Prime Minister of Pakistan

Chuck Kowalski

Midnight Sun - military Triad Cell lead (Americas)

Donald Trump

Former 45th President of the United States of America

Emmanuel Macron

French President

General Reza Shar

Red Dragon triad mastermind, of Operation Grand Slam

George W Bush

43rd US President, war on terror, invaded Iraq on fabricated reports

Giovanni Romano

Golden Cage - military Triad Cell lead (Europe)

Golden Cage (Giovanni Romano)

Military Triad Cell covering Europe, French, German & UK targets

Joe Biden

President USA (46th)

Harry (Dirty) Hallem Holland

Chief Constable - Scotland Yard (Metropolitan Police)

Kamala Harris

47th President of the United States, Democrat candidate

Katya Volkov

Russian intelligence FSB double agent, would be defector

Keir Starmer

British Prime Minister

Kim Jong Un

Supreme leader North Korea

Marine Le Pen

French Prime Minister

Midnight Sun (Chuck Kowalski)

Military Triad Cell covering American and Canadian targets

Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India

Nadia Petrova

Former KGB agent helping Katya and John anonymously

Nick (The Devil) Johnson MP

Corrupt UK Minister for Defence, oil investor

Olaf Scholz

German Chancellor

Red Dragon (Reza Shah)

Military Triad Cell covering Africa, Asia, Iran, Russia & N Korean CRINKs

Saddam Hussein

Iraqi proponent of a united Arabia, executed for HR crimes & cheap oil

Sir Rodney Vernon Dunbar

MI6 military intelligence (General) oil investor

Tony Blair

Former British PM, invaded Iraq on false intelligence

Vladimir Putin

Russian President

Xi Jinping

President People's Republic of China






















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